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New API parameter client_category

API Feature Update 0.12.19 (20220314)

Define the category of search by passing a string (full category name) to the new parameter “client_category”.

We have deployed an interesting new functionality in our API with the purpose of simplifying the way we handle client categories. Previously, you had to sync your “client_category_id”s before using them in the API requests.

Now you can simply send the “client_category” (this being your category name) when using the new parameter (“client_category”) instead of the category identifier (“client_category_id”).

The ValueChecker service will identify previously known client categories and possibly create new ones if your “client_category” was never used before. When doing so, it is internally mapped to the correct “client_category_id”, creating a new identifier for new client categories.
You can still keep using the “client_category_id”s as you have been doing so far, or you can use a mix of both parameters (if both are used in the same request, the “client_category” parameter takes precedence).

You can read more about this new parameter in the documentation (section: Client Categories)