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Event Objects and Error Codes

API Feature Update 0.12.13 (220201)

We have deployed a small but handy improvement to the ValueChecker API – all served error responses (HTTP status codes > 399) now include an event object and an event (error) code.For this release we have implemented this feature on the /product_search, /search_suggestion and /prices endpoints with the /client_reference scheduled for March.

You can change your error handling logic to be defined on a clear set of rules by parsing the error code (rather than the error description).

We have persisted the legacy error response for backwards compatibility.

Be aware we will remove the legacy response fields in our mid year release (earliest July 1st). If you are requiring or parsing the legacy error fields for a logic decision (error, description) please migrate to parse the new format before then.

You can read more about Event Objects and Error Codes in the documentation (section: Event Codes)